“My Honor Flight” can now be borrowed on Amazon.com

Hi all,

My Honor Flight can now be borrowed for free by Amazon.com Prime members.


Thank you!



2 responses to ““My Honor Flight” can now be borrowed on Amazon.com”

  1. Carol Severson says :

    I just finished ” My Honor Flight”….I have to share that I could hardly put the book down once I started. I had just told someone recently that I judge a book by it’s ability to put me into the story. As a Dairy Farmer in WI…I frequently have to stop reading a book and “go do some chores”. While outside feeding calves in the evening, I found myself listening for sounds in the dark and wondering if there were Krauts hiding in the shadows. You accomplished a 5 Star Rating with me. Veterans Day is just a few days away. I definitely will be thinking about the Hero’s from The Buzz Company.
    I am a daughter of a WWII Veteran. My Dad served in the Navy. Many of my Uncles seen action of that war, too. Most of my Uncles took part in the Ground War. I really appreciate hearing and reading the stories shared by men and families of WWII. It gives me more of a perspective of what the men in my family went through. I want to Thank You for sharing yours. I hope you have continued to find time to write. You are good at it. I haven’t checked, yet, to see if you have published any more books. I am looking forward to reading more in the future, if you have.
    Thanks again, for sharing your Grandpa’s story.

    • danmccurrigan says :

      Hi Carol,
      Thank you so much for the feedback, and for taking the time to share your thoughts. Those who fought were tremendous heroes. Not sure when I’ll write again – the day job is taking a lot of my time. But the itch is still there, so I will probably give it another try some day.

      Take care!

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